Competitor Rules

PLEASE: When filling out your entry form, choose ONLY what event you want to compete in, because these are limited and you may be taking someone else’s place.

PLEASE NOTE: Scrutineering will take place from 2pm the Friday prior the event & between 7am and 11am the Saturday of the Event unless by special arrangement have been made.

****Please check the following before entering****

  1. A vehicle inspection must be conducted to any vehicle that will be competing in any of the driving events. Show & Shine ONLY (Static) vehicles do not have to be scrutineered.
  2. Vehicles do not need to be registered to participate in any driving events BUT must be capable of passing a vehicle inspection.
  3. No unreasonable body damage or untidy paintwork. No holes in the firewall.
  4. For the Burnouts a 360-degree tail shaft loop must be fitted, the exception being vehicles fitted with a 2-piece tail shaft.
  5. Long sleeve shirts and pants must be worn by driver and passengers during all driving competitions. Shoes must be worn at all times. No thongs or sandals allowed.
  6. Please remove all press on hubcaps, wheel trims and wheel weights prior to vehicle inspection.
  7. An approved helmet must be worn for the driving competitions.
  8. If an entrant uses retreaded tyres in the Burnout Competition he or she automatically accepts responsibility for any body damage to their vehicle.
  9. For the Burnout finals, numbers will be restricted to a maximum of 35 entrants timed over 2 minutes.
  10. Motorcycles are not eligible to enter the driving events.
  11. All driving EVENTS are restricted to 120 entrants per event, when these are full, that event will be closed for entries. NO EXCEPTIONS.

To avoid disappointment we strongly recommend you enter early.

*****Scrutineering Vehicle Inspection Checks *****

  1. All batteries must be clamped; however they can be located in the boot.
  2. NO fuel, oil or brake LEAKS. All fittings must be securely fastened.
  3. Brake lights must be working.
  4. Seat belts must be in good working order.
  5. If the car is supercharged, all belts must be covered, except as agreed by the Promoter / Meeting Director or as inspected by the Chief Scrutineer
  6. Tyres must be in good condition, no steel belts hanging out or canvas showing.
  7. All vehicles must have a bonnet unless permission is given by the promoter / Meeting Director, if no bonnet – fan belts must be covered. All vehicles must be fitted with a 1-litre radiator overflow or water catch bottle and ensure there are no leaks from the rocker covers.
  8. NO structural rust. Brake and fuel lines must be at a safe distance from the exhaust.
  9. NO WHEEL WEIGHTS for the all driving competitions
  10. Exhausts pipes MUST be fitted and comply with DB rules unless permission is given by the promoter/Meeting Director.
  11. Entrant Window Stickers NOT to be removed until after the EVENT.
  12. The Chief Scrutineer has final say.

****Entrants Buddy Passes****

These Buddies, have to be with the Entrant on arrival. We WILL NOT be giving Arm bands out for the Entrant to take AWAY. They will be secured on the Buddy’s wrist on arrival, the Buddy then has to sign a disclaimer, to be able to BE A PASSENGER in the Entrant vehicle during a DRIVING EVENT

All buddy passengers have to be 15 years old or older

No passengers are allowed in the ENTRANT vehicle WITH OUT A BUDDY ARM BAND.


Registration and Scrutineering

When you first arrive at Lardner Park the first port of call is Ticket box A, this is where you will collect your entrants’ bag, driver and buddy pass wrist bands and your entrant number.

We will not replace any armbands so please keep them on for the duration of the event. The armbands are waterproof.

PLEASE DO NOT stick your entrant number on your car, the scrutineers will do this once the car has passed scrutineering.

Once you have completed registration you can then head to scrutineering.
Drivers Brief Meeting will be held at 10:00am Saturday morning at the pit end of the track.

There will be an additional drivers brief meeting at the conclusion of Saturday evening at the pit end of the track for all cars who have qualified for the Burnout Finals.

All drivers are required to have ZERO blood alcohol level; Random breath testing may be conducted at any time during the event.

Burnout Rules & Regulations

  1. Entrant may only Pre – qualify once and will not be allowed a second attempt.
  2. All cars to assemble (with driver) 15 minutes prior to commencing the burnouts. There may be a short drivers briefing before each round to advice of any changes, etc.
  3. Cars to be turned out in a presentable fashion.
  4. NO static burnouts are allowed.
  5. Continuing to do burnouts on your rims will result in a 5-point penalty. This could lose you the WIN.
  6. Five (5) points only will be awarded for blowing your tyres. After this, you need to STOP straight away.
  7. All Drivers are to STOP if they see a Black flag. If you do not stop, you will be disqualified.
  8. All tyres are to be taken away by the Entrant, DO not leave blown tyres at your site PLEASE.
  9. ONE (1) Passenger per door is allowed in the Entrant’s vehicle; Disclaimer / Armband buddy ONLY, passenger must be 15 years or older. Long sleeve shirts and pants must be worn during the burnouts. Shoes must be worn at all times. No thongs or sandals allowed.
  10. The top 35 Burnout entrant numbers will be announced 60 mins after the conclusions of the days qualifying runs.
  11. Please note there is an Additional Drivers Briefing Meeting to be held at the conclusion of the day’s competitions for all who have qualified.
  12. The trophy Presentation will be held at the conclusion of the Event at 9.30pm. To receive your awards and Cash, you have to be present or have someone there to represent you.


This will be staged on the burnout pad, starting from the start line, twice around a course of stacked tyres and across the finish line.  

There will be a 1st to 3rd placing only. Trophy presentation will be after the conclusion of the event. To receive your awards, you have to be present or have someone there to represent you.

Show & Shine Judging

Presentation for Saturdays judging will be held on Saturday during the 6pm meal break.

Presentation for the Show & Shine will be announced at 4.00PM
If you cannot make the presentations, please make sure someone is there to represent you, as we will not be posting prizes out.


Camping is only available for Competitors and their support team.

FULL BAR FACILITIES will be available during the event.

PLEASE NOTE: No Glass and BYO Alcohol, if found it will be confiscated and NOT returned.